Insidious 5 Will Make You Scream and Cry – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Insidious: The Red Door is the final chapter of the Lambert family’s terrifying saga. Patrick Wilson returns as Josh Lambert, who must face his demons and save his son Dalton from a mysterious and sinister portal that leads to The Further. The film is also Wilson’s directorial debut, and it promises to be the scariest and most shocking Insidious movie yet.

Cocaine Bear: A Hilarious and Horrifying Adventure

Get ready for a wild ride of comedy, horror, and a drugged-up bear in Cocaine Bear! Based on a true story, this film directed by Elizabeth Banks delivers a bizarrely hilarious and blood-soaked spectacle. As the bear goes on a rampage through the woods, encountering an oddball group of characters, the result is a thrilling and laughter-inducing ride. However, be warned, Cocaine Bear is not for the faint of heart, as it fearlessly showcases the gruesome effects of cocaine on a bear and its victims. With nods to the 80s, this movie is a nostalgic tribute to the era. If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable movie experience, Cocaine Bear is a must-watch!”